About Us

Company Details

Tamber Flooring Inc, based in Oakville, specialized for 8 years is the hardwood flooring industry. Our showroom carries a wide selection of different companies each offering different plank sizes, wood type and color. We are experienced & have committed to excellence and pride with the quality of products that we offer.  With our knowledge & experience we will help you select the ideal flooring to match your home and style. We are dedicated to providing you with your specific needs and information you require to make your decision with confidence and feel comfortable during the installation process. We also carry tiles, laminate, & luxury vinyl. Contact us for your flooring needs, and we will be willing to guide you to full satisfaction. 

Customized Service

Tamber Flooring Inc, working in the hardwood industry has expanded there scope from the past 5 years in customizing stairs and railing. Old to new just in a couple of days according to each customer needs. We customized stairs to stain match your floors, railing and upgrade to new and modern style posts and pickets.